Husky WoodWorking all HANDMADE

About us


    It’s a comforting choir of voices – How joyful listening to the wolves howling to each other deep here in the North American Forrest where I stand.  But something is amiss, they seem agitated – a new sound is ripping through the forest.  It’s a cold and wintery day when I too start to hear the sound coming from the distance.  It is getting closer to me every day, a gnarly grinding mechanical noise.  I hear the loud voices of men laughing and joking.  Then I feel the bite, the ripping of their buzzing steel saw blades.
     Then it happened …….   I felt myself falling as the ground rushed up to meet me.   All went dark and silent for a long time, how long I do not know, was I asleep? Why do I feel different? – you see being a North American White Pine tree, days seem like years and years are like decades.  We grow strong and tall always proud to soak up the sun and sway majestically with the breeze. 

    When I awoke from my slumber I was no longer in the forest.  I felt strange, different anew.  I could hear the howls but they weren’t my wolves anymore they were the gentle calls of his Husky dogs.  Excited to be part of his pack and excited to make me a part of their group. 
     You see - I was no longer a tall tree.  I was … I was different … I was unique.  I heard the man talking to the dogs and to me – calling me by a new name – yet a familiar name, a name that seemed just right.  Everything was going to be all right, I could sense it, I was different yet unique.  “Rocky” he said – yes Rocky it should be.  So today was when I came to be known as “Rocky the Mustang”.  You see I went from being a tall North American Pine tree to becoming a Majestic Rocking Horse, handmade by him.  I was surrounded no longer by other trees but by his Huskies watching ever so closely to him and his hands.  It was he who transformed me with love and care.

   You Will find the latest information about us on this page.   Our company is constantly evolving and growing.  I you are looking for a rocking Horse, Glider Horse or American Flag.   Our mission is to provide the best handmade keepsake that everyone can enjoy and be passed down to the next generation.  If you want to contact us, please fill the contact form on our website. We wish you a good day! You will find the latest information about us on this page.

    Lastly but most important we are Certified Members of the The GUILD of ROCKING HORSE MAKERS.